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Winner: Mizerak Dynasty Pool Table

Our number one choice for the best pool table to buy for home is the Mizerak Dynasty Pool Table.

This is a space saving design which means 6’ in length, giving you heaps of room for proper play without taking up the entire room.

It’s made of a bamboo laminate exterior and with a green nylon cloth clover just like a traditional pool table should have, and it’s priced well compared to some others you might find in this condition.

Customers loved how easy this table was to set up and there was no need for professional help.

It’s sturdy and stable, and everything from the cover to the construction of the legs and surface is great quality.

Because of its size, it’s perfect for homes with smaller spaces to fit into, but even if you have a lot of room there’s still ample room to enjoy a game with all of your friends.

Although the table itself was great, customers found that the accessories included weren’t so much.

With this set, you’ll get cues, balls, a rack, and some other small bits and pieces, and if you want a truly professional table you’ll have to pay to upgrade these because their current quality is pretty low.

This table features automatic ball return, measures 78 x 44 x 32”, and has a double sealed MDF play bed.

You’ll get a consistent roll every time and find it sturdy and stable for an authentic gaming experience.

Mizerak has designed this to be a space-saving pool table and that’s exactly what it is, so if you’ve been looking for one a little smaller than most that can still deliver this is it.

Amazon sells this pool table for around $600 including free shipping straight to your door, which is the best value we could find online.

The Mizerak Dynasty Pool Table comes with a one-year limited warranty and previous buyers have found their customer service to be exceptional, which is always a bonus.

If you want a quality pool table without too much pizazz, the Mizerak Dynasty is our number one pick.

  • Material: Bamboo laminate
  • Size: 6.5′
  • Dimensions: 78 x 44 x 32”
  • Cover Material: Nylon cloth
  • Automatic Ball Return: Yes

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